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How to be Politically Savvy Without Selling Your Soul

Webinar and Teleclass series

Some people hate it. Others don't mind it.  But one thing is for sure.  We all need it. 

How To Be Politically Savvy

Whether you work inside a corporation or own your own business, there is no substitute for being politically savvy. 
What is it?  What are the benefits? How do you acquire it without giving up your soul? 
Learn the answers to these crucial questions and many more in the 4 part webinar and teleclass series based on the popular six part blog series, "What Do They Mean When They Say...?".
Tuesday evenings beginning in October at
9:00PM Eastern/ 8:00 PM Central
4 classes 1 1/2 hour each

October 6th
October 13th
October 20th
October 27th 30 Minute One-on-One
November 3rd

6 1/2 hours of your time to learn what will potentially make thousands of dollars difference in your career or business. 
Offered as a webinar and teleclass for your convenience. 
Register today to be ready to ace your next performance evaluation or connect with key influencers.
4 classes and a 30 minute personal strategy session with me.
Here's what you'll learn and do:
  • How to create and leverage your value within the organization
  • Authentic effectiveness or effective authenticity?

Adjusting communication and leadership styles while maintaining authenticity. 

  • How to be aware of the politics but not in them
  • Develop your P-SAP.  Personal Strategic Action Plan for:
    • identifying your end-game
    • connecting with key stakeholders
  • And much more

Connect with other group participants and learn from them as well.